Dohnavùr // Kl(aüs)

It started with a track we produced during the first lockdown of 2020. Then Colin suggested we remix some Dohnavùr tracks and they have a go at some of ours. It’s been on quite a journey since but it’s finally here and we’re dead pleased with the result and think you’ll find it was worth the wait. Special thanks to Colin for having the idea, to Fra & Ali of Dohnavùr for being great sports, and to Mark Hall for the stunning design.

Limited CDs and unlimited downloads available on the CiS Bandcamp site on Friday 15/03/24.

[Update: CDs are sold out now, but the good news is it is also available on Apple Music and Spotify]
[Update2: ..and YouTube Music.]

The cover art for the album is a striking image of a 3d geometric illusion on a vivid red/orange background. It looks like it's made from what we used to call Cuisinaire as kids.. different lengths of otherwise square wood. The blocks are drawn using black, white and a kind of steel blue. (I think it's called an isometric view?) The designer has maximised the impact of the steel blue colouf of the blocks in the figure by placing them on a red background made of the same deep saturation and mid-range brightness values. The album title is set in a modern sans serif typeface I can't be arsed looking up and I've just realised has been left justified with the anchor point in the dead centre of the frame, which is something I'd never thought of.

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