The Dark Inside II

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We’ve just submitted a track for The Dark Inside II.. the lockdown edition of the famous The Dark Outside radio show. We’ve titled it A Patch of Sky Visible Through a Lace of Spiderweb and it’s a bit new for us because we weren’t able to work together in our studio as usual. Stewart came up with the first half while setting up his gear at home – a drone style piece using his Radias and Supernova II, finishing up with a nice B-flat minor chord progression from the Blofeld. He then sent the result to Jonathan with a note to “take it from there and see where it goes” – and it went to quite a good place, as it turns out. Unfortunately our guitarist Stuart is without his rig at the moment and so hasn’t been able to add his magic touch – yet.

The end result is a track in two halves (nothing so different for us there) and which sounds complete as it stands, but will likely be quite different by the time it makes it to a record release, if it makes it that far. We like it anyway.. and you’ll have one chance to hear it during the TDI broadcast which kicks off this Saturday at midday, GMT. Check it out at