Klaus needs a Processing guru!


Kl(aus) is an electronic music outfit based in Sydney, Australia. We perform live, semi-improvised music influenced by the early 80’s Berlin School aesthetic.

We are looking for someone to collaborate on a graphics system for our upcoming nightclub & live shows, which will be based on the graphics IDE Processing.

Without giving away too much here, we’re hoping to recreate the look of old 8bit style (Apple II etc) wireframe graphics, in a portable self-contained hardware system. We have a rough spec drawn up for version 1 of the software, and know the hardware we intend to run it on. (v1 will be standalone, with v2 we will look at networking several instances together to work in sync.)

There’s probably enough libraries out there already to do a lot of what we have in mind, but we don’t have enough experience with Processing to do it as well as someone who works with it all the time could, or as quickly.

It’s not a big job – we expect someone who knows their stuff could get the basics up and running in a day or two of dedicated coding. We could do it as a one-off contract for a fixed fee, and/or talk about having you in the band permanently if it works out that way.

If you’d like to know more please contact us.